Restland Memorial Cemetery


Melanie, Chris, Dave, Nina, Carol, Paul, Bob, Joshua
                                                  plus members of Pittsburgh Paranormal Society

LUNAR CONDITIONS:   Moon 100% full (Harvest Moon)

SOLAR CONDITIONS:  Solar X-rays (normal), Geomagnetic field (quiet)


     STP teamed up with members of the Pittsburgh Paranormal Society to investigate the Restland Memorial Cemetery, a sprawling 25 acre location that was more than large enough to accommodate the high investigator count present that evening. Among the vast number of graves located at Restland Cemetery are those of veterans from various battles including WW1, WW2, and Vietnam. There is also a pet cemetery on the grounds. The most notorius paranormal presence at Restland Cemetery is "Walking Rosie", the spirit of a young girl who is said to stroll the grounds at night and is assumed to be buried at the site. Numerous sightings of Rosie as well as various other paranormal occurences have been reported throughout the years by those who have ventured into the cemetery, particularly after dark. 

First of all, STP would like to thank Shawn and his organization, Pittsburgh Paranormal Society, for inviting us to join them for a dual investigation of Restland Cemetery. As for the investigation itself, there was not a whole lot going on at the location on this particular night. A few members from both PPS and STP had some interesting personal experiences, but nothing that we would confirm as paranormal in nature. The most intriguing of those experiences had by a member of  STP involved investigator Dave seeing what appeared to be a grayish colored object hovering above the gravestones. It was described as an oblong collection of mist or some other smoke-like substance. Unfortunately, it disappeared before a photo could be taken. 

     As for evidence collected from the 3 hour investigation, nothing noteworthy was discovered during data analysis. We utilized various tools including digital cameras and audio recorders, a hand-held video camcorder, K2 and EMF detectors, and digital thermometers. We were not however, able to pick up anything of a possible paranormal nature on any of our equipment. Even though the investigation at Restland Cemetery did not produce any tangible results, we had an awesome time and look forward to working with PPS again in the future. As for "Walking Rosie" and the other paranormal phenomenon many believe exists at Restland, we were neither able to confirm nor debunk the claims. For now, we cannot say that Restland Cemetery is haunted, but with all of the reports given by eyewitnesses who have had experiences at the site, we cannot say that it isn't. Maybe someday, STP will get the opportunity to conduct a follow-up investigation of Restland Cemetery and who knows, we might even be lucky enough to meet "Walking Rosie".   

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